I improved [my SAT score] even more than I expected, going from 590 to 700 in reading, 560 to 650 in math, and 480 to 580 in writing, for a total score of 1930. I am very happy with my scores and have you to thank for much of my success. Thanks again for your expert help! - Jeff

01/21: A Few More Words about Qualifiers

A few months ago I wrote some words about qualifiers. These little words — words like “some,” “many,” “most,” “few,” “maybe,” and “probably” — somehow manage to be both often-critical and often-overlooked on standardized tests like the LSAT, the GMAT, and the GRE. I discussed spotting these words and went on to point out the existence and importance of hierarchies among the various qualifiers.

There’s one more twist, though, that we have yet to address…

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01/07: Geometry Reference Sheet: Triangles

In each Reference Sheet, I’ll cover, as succinctly as possible, every rule you absolutely must know to solve problems in a single area found on standardized tests.

Learning these rules isn’t a substitute for developing higher-order problem-solving and strategic thinking skills; rather, it’s a necessary precondition and foundation for all of that strategizing to take place. This Reference Sheet lists the minimum requirements to get your foot in the door. It’s the price of admission.

If you’re taking any test involving geometry, here’s what you need to know about triangles:

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